Dedicated to providing best in class.

Our Belief

We believe in an approach which allows us to continuously improve the way we write Delegated Authority business.

By combining the most successful traditions of writing binding authority business with new, innovative methodologies, we are constantly looking for ways to deliver successful partnerships over the market cycle. With lead capability and expertise across a range of business segments, we are dedicated to providing best in class technology, data and analytics to provide smarter and superior decision making leading to performance enhancing solutions for our clients. We want our partners to have these same beliefs, values and goals. This will allow us all to deliver better products and results for our clients.

Our values

At Satinwood, we believe that we deliver the basic values of truth, honesty, integrity and passion amongst others, but what makes us different.

People people people

Treat people as you wish to be treated and ensure everyone is equally valued.

Challenge the status quo

Engage in constructive debate and strive to find ways to be better


Strive to make a positive difference for colleagues and clients alike

Deliver Together

Be brave and accountable for the decisions you make

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